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Value of Pearls

Each type of pearl has its own characteristics due to the specific forming condition. Generally, the value of pearls in jewelry is determined by a combination of several factors such as:

* Luster
Luster is like a mirror. It measures the brilliance and reflectivity. Good luster reflects clear and sharp image or light.

* Shape
Pearls come in wide variety of interesting shapes. The rounder the pearl the more valuable it is. Some people may find certain shapes are more suitable to them and their personality.

* Color
Pearls come in wide variety of beautiful body colors too. However, some colors are naturally rarer than others, and therefore more valuable. Other than the body color, overtone (as secondary colors or translucent colors) also can be seen over top of the pearls. A white color pearl may have rose or cream or even silver overtone. And overtone has certainly contributes a total different classic appearance to the pearls.

* Size
Pearl size is measured according to its diameter in millimeters (mm). Size of a pearl greatly depends on the type of pearl. Each pearl is unique, slightly different in size & shape is unavoidable.

* Surface
Almost no pearl will have a perfect surface. They have blemishes just like diamonds. Some surface irregularities also showing the traces of nature. Blemishes on a pearl could be spots, scratches, pits, wrinkles, whorls, etc. The longer a pearl stays in an oyster, the chances of developing more blemish and irregular shape are higher.

* Nacre
The thicker the nacre, the more valuable the pearl is. Freshwater cultured pearls have very thick pearl nacre as compared to Akoya pearls. Akoya pearls nacre are the thinnest among all types of pearls.

* Pearl Matching
Pearls are natural organic substances. Thus, it’s impossible to find two identical pearls. Pearl matching basically means that pearls should be “fit together” in a pleasing manner. A long strand of pearls may have a large pearl in the centre, with pearls which grow gradually smaller strung along either side. Any piece of jewelry which contains more than a single pearl, are generally matched to achieve better appearance and value. However, matching of pearls only comes into consideration when you are evaluating a jewelry piece that consists more than a single pearl. Even in a strand of pearl necklace, you may have unique pearls that do not match and is still a beautiful piece of jewelry in their own right.

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