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Nothing compares to the elegance beauty of a smooth sleek pearl! It’s just simply elegant! They are not only perfect for evening dress but also can go along with just a simple pair of jeans and a blouse. Unlike other fashion jewelry, just a simple piece of pearl jewelry will never go out of fashion, and can pass on to generations to come.

Pearls have always been recognized as symbols of purity, perfection, beauty and elegance. They have long been greatly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries. They are also the only gem produced naturally by living organisms.

A pearl is formed when a small irritant such as a parasite, a fragment of shell, a scale or sand slips in & lodges in the mantle tissue of a mollusk or oyster. In response, it triggers the nacre production. Nacre (pronounced naker) is the layers of combination of crystalline and organic substances secreted by oysters and mollusks. A beautiful pearl is formed when nacre secretions builds up in layers around the irritant.

Almost no pearl will have a perfect surface. They have blemishes just like diamonds. Some surface irregularities also showing the traces of nature. Blemishes on a pearl could be spots, scratches, pits, wrinkles, whorls, etc. The longer a pearl stays in an oyster, the chances of developing more blemish and irregular shape are higher.

Cultured pearls are often sold by size, millimeters (mm), diameter of the pearls; while natural pearls are sold by weight (carat of the pearl). However, natural pearls are very rare today. Most of the quality natural pearls found today have already been categorized as part of antique jewelry and are often sold only by auction at investment prices.

Among different types of cultured pearls, saltwater cultured pearls are more valuable than freshwater cultured pearls.

Majority of the pearls sold on the market today are freshwater cultured pearls. More than 95% of the freshwater cultured pearls selling in the world are from China. Even most pearls sold as Japanese pearls were actually imported from Chinese pearl farms.

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